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How to Mitigate the Risks of “Push to Get Things Done” with Agile Hardware Development
We are frequently asked by our clients what we consider to be the biggest difference between Agile Software and Hardware development. Our unequivocal response: the cost of a defect.

Often we hear about the rising cost of fixing software bugs. In the world of hardware, however, the cost is exponentially higher and can frequently be a matter of life or death.

Given this enormous responsibility and burden of quality, hardware companies dealing with such high risks are seeking alternative, lean processes that focus on baking-in quality and control in every step.

How can this be achieved?

Join Scott Barnes, Agile Hardware Delivery Director, and Chad Moore, Senior Agile Transformation Coach, as we address the quality issue heads-on. We will share our experiences in leveraging lean-agile approaches in the hardware arena and cover lessons learned and best practices of our Agile Hardware Practice.

In this webinar we will explore how:

*The "push to get things done" can often have a negative impact and create risk
*Lean-Agile values provides a means to mitigate risk (such as decentralized decision making)
*Optimizing for flow has a better long lasting impact on quality and time to market
*Hardware and Agility go hand in hand, especially when agility embraces System Engineering

Sep 10, 2020 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Scott Barnes
Delivery Director & Business Agility Guide @Cprime
Scott is an experienced and accomplished business leader with proven ability to successfully create and execute value. He has expertise in leading organizational improvement initiatives with strong focus on delivery and business alignment and is an expert at leading complex high value, high risk initiatives. Scott leads the Hardware Practice where we focus on large customers who build complex physical products and systems. His coaching helps organizations improve overall lead-time, effectiveness, quality, viability and collaboration. His successful ability to marry the effectiveness of organizational change methods with the needs of business, creating value and growing teams has been a catalyst for positive change in business at all levels.
Chad Moore
Sr. Agile Transformation Consultant @Cprime
Chad Moore is an Agile Transformation Consultant with extensive training and experience in real time embedded software development, including design, functional testing, service and support, systems engineering, the software process, and project management. Chad has a proven track record of leading global cross-functional teams to complete large-scale projects focused on change management and organizational transformation through business process re-engineering and digital innovation, transitions and upgrades. Chad has a talent for assembling high-caliber talent into winning teams that are cohesive and driven by team spirit and achievement!